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Artist statement

I am passionate about creative expression and my art is a way to express and make sense of the different places, people, concepts and experiences that surround me.  I see art as a process.  Just like life and oneself, it changes, it moves, it is dynamic. 

I was born in Cali, Colombia and lived there during the 1980s and early 90s at a time where news of drugs, war and murders was common place; the time of the "Narcos".  At the age of 11 I moved to Florida with my brother, in order to be reunited with our mother.  I spent the next 12 years in South Florida, fascinated by the constant movement, diversity, dance and glamour of the sunshine state.  During this time in Florida, I started taking painting lessons from a local artist for about two years.  During this time I focused on painting landscapes and learning basic acrylic techniques. 

By chance, a burning curiosity to experience the world, and after traveling and living short periods of time in Paris, Brussels, New York, Milwaukee WI, and Charlotte NC, I ended up in Norway.  In an attempt to make sense of changes, new and past experiences, I embarked on a journey to re-connect with my artistic side and enrolled in a basic painting course at Nydalen kunstskole, in Norway.   

Following the course I decided to pursue the search for my own style.  I signed up as an art student in Bærum´s DTK, in Norway.  Through this 4 year art study, I re-discovered art as a medium for a creative expression of memories, ideas, emotions and experiences.

My journey is reflected in my art.  I use color, objects and different techniques to capture fragments of my thoughts, ideas, events, memories and more.  During the process of creating my pieces, the roots of my inspiration become clear and I get a glimpse of my subconscious. Through my art I bring more pieces to the puzzle of self discovery and find a way of creating something out of all of the energy generated by my internal chaos and the impressions left behind by the places, events and people that touched my heart.

During my artistic journey so far, I have learned that success can be measured in many different ways and that is up to each one of us to define it. I also learned that who and what we are is in constant flux and therefore our measure of success also changes, and it is up to us to re-define it.  Just like art, life and success are in the process.  They are in the journey.